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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

La Bella Gift Baskets scam review

La Bella Gift Baskets review is something I told you I'd fill you in on periodically. After being involved with this company for a few days I can say this: I"m beginning to like it more and more. Just the amount of knowledge I've gained and reassured the knowledge  I came in with is true and correct is enough to start trusting it.
Besides knowing I'm on-board a company that fulfills the criteria of having something of value is a hole in one! There are few other companies out there that do what La Bella  does. La Bella, however has leveraged itself above the rest by catering to those not orientated with the internet marketplace.
Seriously, for under .07 a day you get all the training, knowledge, tips and tricks to get going as quickly as possible in a field you've never been in before? But to be able to look into a program for 2 cents a day for a week is huge! But there is a lot more they will do for you once you get rolling. While you are getting the word out about your business and putting yourself "through school" they are managing your business for you! By filling, shipping, and billing your orders for you, you can go out and put your personality into it.
With the first call you will have the opportunity to put your talent and kindness into your business. You bond with people who are interested in what you do! You'll talk to all levels of people. Starting with talking to people interested in what you do and might want to do it themselves. Many are out of work and can't find work. If you've ever gone through that, you can relate to them and tell them how this business won't be able to fire you. You'll talk to people who are all about shopping for the cheapest business to be involved with, business people who all about the business end.
What I'm most impressed with is the personal contact you get with the owners who've walked in our shoes and the forum where we can talk to each other, get ideas, and help each other go forward.

But this business is not for everyone. It is a marketing and sales job. To explain how I see it so far:
It's a lot like selling a car. You park it somewhere where as many people can see it as possible and put a "for sale" sign on it. You advertise it for free on craigslist and any other free sites that you know of. You might possibly post it in a monthly magazine that caters just to car buyers and sellers.
You would not on the other hand forget to clean and detail it, answer your phone, or check online for possible buyers.
You would know for sure it may take some time to actually sell it.

To sell La Bella gift baskets your personality cannot be that of a reclusive. On the other hand there are a handful of reclusive people out there who are experts at online SEO writing and keywords who can make this successful. It all depends on what you can offer going in. I can tell you that if you know SEO writing well enough you'll find your website begins with a ridiculously high search engine ranking right from the start! I was proud the first time one of my websites hit the number My La Bella Baskets has right now, 14 days after starting it. Just the money I make from Clixesnse pays for 2 months of membership. My lot pays me $10 a year so that's half of another month. Obviously my most immediate goal is finding ways to pay for LBB that are strictly from online earnings.
I'm also involved with Survey Savvy. It does pay you real money to fill out surveys. I've been paid. They send a check to me in the mail. So for those of you who don't have paypal in the first place you will love this!
With all information I'm providing here you will notice one glaring fact: there is no truely easy way to make money on line unless you truely love being on line.

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